During our talk with Moroccan DJ/producer and Cosmo records founder, Adil Hiani, last month, we talked a great deal about how the word ‘eclectic’ gets thrown around a lot to describe DJs who don’t even really have a particularly wide repertoire. As Patrick Hinton’s words for Mixmag adequately described the phenomenon “dropping disco in a tech-house set doesn't count.” But there remain DJs out there who truly earn that title and one of our regional talents who beyond a shadow of doubt does as well is Hiani himsel.
For our 57th Select mix, Adil recorded an assorted audio-salad as he referred to it himself. The set is an hour long trip featuring everything from old Arabic songs from Morocco and Syria by icons like Najat Aatabou and Sabah Fakhri, to Moroccan rap by the likes of Mehdi Blackwind and of course Gnawa music. Hiani’s eclecticism isn’t confined to regional music of course as he incorporated anything from Bobby McFerrin to Burnt Friedman and some of his labels mates like Japanese producer Radiq. On top of all of that he’s managed to add a live element to his mix as he plays percussion using his Korg Wavedrum in many sections of the set. 

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