In the days of yore, evoking empathy through music was heavily reliant on composition. There was a fixed palette of sounds, limited to the instruments available, and ways to tweak the sound itself were very limited. Nowadays, and following the birth of electronic instruments that created the realm of genres falling under the umbrella of “electronic music,” the methods available for the mediator to grab an audience’s attention are seemingly without end. 

While other types of house music may rely on fluctuations in energy and a rise and release of tension, minimal house utilizes an aesthetic that appeals through hypnotic repetition, short hits, eerie nonchalant grooves, and a spooky and sometimes dissonant approach to sound design. When we refer to minimal, we are not referring to the slightly more mainstream genre dubbed as "Minimal" by various online stores, but the movement known as minimal house or Romanian minimal. It is not fixed rules, forms or even sounds that define minimal, but more of an approach. 

A DJ whose sets not only include minimal but also travel from breakbeats to groovy house,  Aroussi is at the forefront of the current minimal house trend in our little Egyptian scene. He has of late reinvented himself as a vinyl defender, an believer in organic promotion, and a borderline purist. His selection and flow are as good as his sense of humor, and that flow is apparent in the amount of gigs he's been booked for lately , and surfaces supremely in this week’s Caché podcast, the first he’s recorded in almost three years. This artist has been pushing himself to acquire and play out records not usually found on your regular digital music store, and whether it is at one of his DJ gigs, on a boat in the middle of the Red Sea, or at an afterparty, he constantly offers an evolving and diverse musical experience. 
The set includes proper tracks by pioneers of the minimal house sound: Seuil & Francesco del Garda, Zendid, DJ Honesty, and others. Coming back with this after a three year hiatus, Aroussi shows that he hasn't been latent, but rather collecting records and reinventing himself as one of the more talented curators of our scene. 

Caché are one of the leading underground promoters in the country, and we’ve truly missed the vibe of their parties, so we can only infer that they’ve taken a long vacation (we’re not bashing you, just telling to get off your asses and make us another Caché party)! 

We are glad you're back Aroussi, and can't wait for your next gig. 

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