Nantes-based Lebanese DJ and member of French collective, Contre Temps, Gaya, emerges as one of the rising artists currently spearheading Beirut’s flourishing electronic music scene. Her musical journey and lifelong love affair with electro, jungle, bass and trap music began when she first joined ‘Peach Puff Bass Unit’, a music collection based between Paris and Beirut. With her dynamic sets, featuring heavy bass waves and breaks, Gaya has been firing up decks across Europe, from Berlin’s Sisphos and Bulbul to Nantes’ Trempolino and CO2, and Paris’ L’ international. 

For Select 232, Gaya crafted an hour-long set of jungle music featuring high-energy sweltering breakbeats, and thumping basslines. The set features eclectic tunes like Amor Satyr’s ‘Bebe’, Dunman’s ‘Abyss’, and Dual Monitor’s ‘Switch it’. 

Listen to the full set here: