Lebanese DJ and producer Arabian Panther, famed for his keffiyah stage mask and his distinctive sound which can transition swiftly from a warrior’s march anthem to a club banger tinged with Arabic scales and instrumentals. His dynamic sets and productions pay homage to his multicultural heritage as a French child from the Lebanese diaspora, demonstrating solidarity with the Palestinian cause. 

Arabian Panther’s journey of solidarity commenced with the release of his EP ‘Desert’s Anthem’ in 2019, which caught the attention of Palestinian DJ Odai Masri, aka Oddz and helped him forge connections within the Palestinian music scene. After signing his first track with the first Palestinian techno label ‘Harara’ – managed by the late great Oddz.

For our 230th episode of Select, Arabian Panther has created a set exclusively for SceneNoise, which he recorded in one take at his home. The set is infused with some of his favourite tunes that he has been incorporating into his sets over the past year, along with a selection of tracks from his latest EP, ‘The Death of the Panther’, which he released on Ritmo Fatale on March 22nd of this year. 

Featuring his own original tracks like ‘Hafla For Our Dead’, as well as ‘Lala Torkia’ by Cheb Hamar and more, the 66-minute set begins with an eclectic mix of Palestinian Dabke music, incorporating classic Middle Eastern instrumentals like Tabla, Mezmar, and Darbuka drums, which serve as the base for the set. As the set unfurls, Arabian Panther brings in versatile elements of techno, with dreamy vocal undertones. Proceed with loudspeakers in hand...

Listen to the full set here: