Cairo-based Yas Meen Selectress is a versatile DJ known for curating vibrant club experiences. With a fusion of percussive bass and cultural influences, her sets reflect a unique blend of her Egyptian roots and a decade spent in New York City. Having graced the airwaves of platforms like Kiosk Radio and HKCR, as well as prestigious events such as BoilerRoom, the Laylit party series in New York and underground parties across Egypt, she brings a diverse range of sounds to her performances.

This Select mix is a personal celebration for her birthday month, featuring a curation of her all-time favorite tracks. From the hypnotic sounds of Fadila Kahraba to the soulful melodies of Muchi و Caïn's Warda, and even nods to iconic artists like Madonna with ‘Deeper and Deeper’ the mix spans various genres. Yas Meen Selectress effortlessly weaves together elements of drum and bass, baile funk, jersey club, and percussive bass, whilst showcasing tracks from esteemed producers like Hassan Abou Alam, Granul, Assyouti, Ma Sha, and JiaLing.

Listen to full set here: