A veteran of the region’s nightlife scene, Misty seems to be on quite the hot streak this last year. A string of releases including ‘Figure it Out’ on Love Attack Records which received accolades from industry figures like Folamour and Cormac followed by collaborations with Alan Dixon on a club edit of Amr Diab's classic ‘Wala Ala Balo’ that became an instant summer anthem and recent house beauty ‘Warm (feeling) with Speakman Sound has cemented the Madrid born, Cairo-based DJ as one to keep a firm ear on in 2024. 

We’re absolutely buzzing to have Misty on ‘Select’ duties this week as he guides us through a one-hour club ready-set that journeys through different eras of house, dub, electronic, and reimagined italo-disco. Highlights include Nairless’ ‘Dazzling Fantasy’ (Jex Opolis Mix), The Entertainer feat. Solo’s “Check Your Body” and Pablo Bozzi’s “Dance Portal.”

Listen to full set here: