Nova Retra, an Egyptian-Russian DJ, draws inspiration from her multicultural heritage, cultivating a distinctive identity that is both nostalgic and futuristic. Though the rising artist began her musical journey as a producer, her passion for classic dance records and vinyls led her to collect rare records from the 80s to the 00s, and ultimately into the world of vinyl DJing. She has since been creating music that re-envisions analog sounds in our digital age.

In solidarity with Palestine, Nova Retra created this exclusive set for Select 214. Over an hour and 10 minutes, Retra reflects on the Israeli atrocities that have been ravaging Palestine, with emotive sonic waves and distorted electronic beats that represent the destruction and distress we have been witnessing for over the past 100 days. Opening with a muffled scratchy Arabic voice note (as it was sampled from a news report on the radio), the set is made up of layers of futuristic and industrial sounds with occasional intersections of sirens and white noise, ending with an evocative symphony evoking a dystopian soundscape.

Listen to the full set here: