Rising Egyptian artist Khalil has been making waves in Barcelona’s clubbing scene with his fusion of traditional Middle Eastern music and Afro-beats. Having mastered the art of blending organic, psychedelic vocal elements with contemporary rhythms and indigenous sounds, Khalil’s sets add an ethereal dimension to the dancefloor. He has recently launched his record label, Armaal, with an aim to bridge the cultural gaps by curating and showcasing diverse regional talents globally.

For our 213th episode of Select, Khalil has exclusively curated an hour-long set that beautifully showcases his distinctive approach to electronic music. The set unfurls into vibrant rhythms and Afro-beats, featuring some retro house music tracks. By incorporating a series of heavy percussion-based tracks against the backdrop of textured psychedelic vocals, Khalil adds an extra layer of energy to his set that creates a magical sonic experience for the listeners. And, just when you’ve settled into the infectious pulse of his music, the DJ takes an audacious turn, transitioning to experimental house music.

Listen to the full set here: