This week's SceneNoise Select puts the spotlight on Sokkary, an Egyptian DJ/Producer and Hybrid Live Act from Alexandria. Known for a style that delves into the darker and more emotive realms of electronic music.

His work, which includes releases on MDLBEAST and various international labels, has received recognition from top DJs like Joris Voorn and David Guetta. Notably, Sokkary was selected for Tomorrowland's Future4 November 2023 show, highlighting his growing influence in the global music scene.

Sokkary's Select set is a journey through his unique sound, blending deep melodic tracks with resonant experimental elements. It's a showcase of his studio skills and his dynamic live performance energy featuring tracks from the likes of Agoria, Colyn, Husa & Zeyada and Taho.

Listen to the set in full below: