This week’s Select is brought to us by Saudi DJ/Producer and founder of KNZ Records JEME.

JEME studied in Southern California, where he began making a name for himself in the local Los Angeles’ music scene. It was there where he began perfecting his technique and shaping his sound, a noticeably unique, with intricate percussion patterns, hypnotic synths and the weaving of genres that keeps listeners on their toes.

Select 185 ping-pongs from Minimal to Deep House, Tribal to Industrial Tech and Acid House, it’s almost impossible to play this set and not find someone resonating with it at some point.

The set starts off with an original unreleased track called “Canyacun” which the artist produced during a trip in Mexico. The track has a smooth minimalism to it complimented by a groovy baseline, sending listeners in a head-bopping trance and setting the tone for the set.  We notice JEME going through the decades in his curation with likes of 2008 track ‘Shonky - Coco Feel And Love Shonk’ which marks the first turn of ignition in the set, and more recent tracks like 2023 track ‘Distant Power plant’ by Acid Jerks which has a more raw and menacing bassline tearing up the overlaid drums.

At the half-way mark and going forth is really where things take a noticeable turn, tempos rise and sounds start getting more and more robust, with slinking bassline grooves and dubby textures floating over the mix, fleeting echoing vocals, intoxicating synthesized melodies, impulsive percussion and informed keyboard stabs all adding up to a fiery and energy filled climate.

JEME’s consistency throughout the set in traveling between genres and tempos in a cohesive way has really helped in taking listeners through different emotions.

In the final minutes of the set it returns to its preliminary calmer state yet still maintaining groovy tones and persistent high hats, taking us on a smooth comedown, albeit leaving us wanting more.