An avid listener from an early age, DNGR GNGR has been collecting decades of beats and pop culture moments from around the world in his head. And today, as a rising DJ in the Egyptian scene, he pours these collections into dancefloors, festivals, and cyberspaces.

A genre chameleon, DNGR GNGR has become known for making unexpected musical connections between tracks and pulling at their common threads, constantly weaving together dance floor journeys. The colorful experiences he creates can swing you from Detroit house to Berlin industrial techno, house music, and more. With diversified percussion - and vocal anchors - constructing the spine for his mixes, he plays detailed sets that bring out the sexy while waving a sassy middle finger to genres altogether.

DNGR GNGR’s hour-long set features tracks like, ‘A Walk in the Park’ by DJ Minx, and ‘Metropolis’ by Delano Smith, in addition to finding an East African swing in ‘Rift Valley (feat. Abakisimba) by Esa, eventually landing in an unexpected old school hip-hop gem. Check out this set, it’s perfect for finding a summertime groove.

Listen to the set here: