Musical artists YO-LAN-DA and Noubi have been friends for years, experimenting with a number of genres of electronic music side by side. When spinning together, the duo elevates each other’s energies, taking the dance-floor on an unparalleled journey into a world of rhythmic freedom.

YO-LAN-DA was born and raised in Alexandria, finding love for progressive rhythms while keeping an open ear for any sonic direction that comes her way. Noubi, also known for his psytrance alias ‘NUBIA’, is all about moves and grooves, caressing a euphoric and uplifting selection under his musical arsenal.

For the 156th edition of Select, YO-LAN-DA and Noubi are joining forces to present an eclectic set that shifts through the realms of minimal, breakbeats, peak techno, trance, and more featuring the likes of Noubi himself, Ramiro Lopez, and Adrian Alexander.