I remember seeing DJ Deep in Pacha Sharm El Sheikh when I was 14. That was the first gig I ever went to. I was illegal but still managed to find my way into the club that night and DJ Deep’s straight up house will never leave my memory. Another iconic night to me was Traumer’s gig at Nacelle's House sessions, 10 years later. His signature rumbling low end was shaking the place, with a groove that would make you get off your deathbed and dance.

These two artists, DJ Deep and Traumer, have collaborated on a remix EP for Detroit legend Carl Craig’s track with German synth ensemble Klauss, 'Repeat After Me'. Originally released on Detroit based record label Planet E early 2018, the three-track remix EP made by the two veterans DJ Deep and Traumer, was out a few months later.

November 30th marked the release of their EP with three different interpretations to nurture mind, body and soul by. The three of them, if played in the right time, can be ultimate dance floor weapons. The first one is the DJ Deep & Traumer 'Free Your Mind' remix — a feel good, yet hypnotic remix with a flavor of the drum and bass broken drum loops. Halfway through, after the introduction of smooth pads, Traumer’s signature chord stabs come in to bring back the energy.

The second 'Free Your Soul' Remix is more of a mind altering space-out track, for those hypnotic dance floor moments. It relies on a rolling bass similar to the one present in the original track, that fits a dark room in peak time. This remix has the highest energy in the EP but will also just take you by the hand and take you elsewhere.

Third track of the EP is Traumer’s reduced mix, and as usual, his reduced bangers heavily rely on gliding warm subs playing under glitches and what I’d call an organized chaos of percussion. This groovy club cut builds anticipation for whatever follows and definitely leaves the listener wanting more of it. As it goes with a smooth arrangement that makes it easily flow and leaving you wanting more.

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