I have been visiting South Sinai since 2002 starting with Sharm, in 2003 made a stop in Nuweiba, and later that year my first stop in Dahab. Since then I have been drawn back to Sinai at the very least once a year - usually more. Out of the numerous times I had revisited Sinai, I had only stopped in Dahab one time for an overnight stay in Ras Abu Galum protectorate, and aside from that, Dahab had to me always looked like a quaint and quiet seaside diving resort with a friendly local Bedouin population where you would be able to buy freshly caught fish and warm free-range goat milk, drink spring water from a natural well or have a barbecue and drink Bedouin tea, nestled between mountains under a blanket of stars; all activities that never tickled my fancy. 

As a young and aspiring DJ and electronic music producer at the time, any place where the sound wasn't blaring above 115 DB and the BPM over 120 wouldn't meet my interests - until the end of 2011 when I got residency at Dahab's greatest club ever; Rush. The years I spent DJing at Rush in Dahab taught me how to value both sides of the coin: chilled evenings on weekdays and high octane parties on the weekends - until Rush closed down. That was to me the end of partying in Dahab. For three years after its closure in 2014 we were faced with a drought of proper parties and club nights. 

Most attempts have been futile, aside from a few seasonal festivals that did manage to raise the bar for Dahab, however none of them ever came close to what the Chill O'posite team had managed to pull off last September. My faith in Dahab parties has been restored. This is a new chapter in the town's rave story, and a bright beginning for up and coming regional talents.

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Video by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions