Egypt's Red Sea Records has been on a bit of a streak recently; the digital label has taken 2020 by the horns, releasing EP after EP in their signature, aggressive hard-techno style, despite the global shutdown that we are currently experiencing.

Following up releases such as Hayek's Commencement EP and Gamrah's single, 'House of Motion', this latest offering comes from label co-founder, Karim Sadek, aka Kaamzs, marking the fifth release overall by the Cairo-based collective this year.

Across the EP, Kaamz's unique sonic signature becomes apparent: hard-hitting beats coupled with expansive, shifting ambient soundscapes lurking in the background, and occasional bursts of euphoric chords and frantic breakbeats.

Through this release, Kaamzs affirms his position as a seasoned producer with a confident understanding of their sonic aesthetic, rather than a newbie cautiously exploring new territories. In practice The Founding Vision comes across akin to a minimix, seamlessly transitioning between tracks with a strong sense of auditory and rhythmic cohesion.

“Trust me when I say this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to me and Red Sea Records, we have so damn much ready and coming up,” he told SceneNoise. As always our doors are open for any techno artists, waiting on your demos!”

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