Born and raised in Cairo, Felukah left for NYC in 2017 to pursue a degree in creative writing at Hunter College. While juggling two jobs to pay her bills, the young artist discovered her passion for music and hip-hop and by 2018 dropped her first EP Battery Acid.

Her debut release spoke of her 'cultural diffusion', as she put it. Later that year she followed it up with her second EP - Yansoon - where in the opening track's intro, she puts the kettle on to make tea but intently decides to make a cup of yansoon, an emblem of her reminiscence and longing for home.

Arriving from the musical school of Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Princess Nokia, and numerous East Coast rap legends, Felukah manages to consolidate all her references without drowning out her own voice and message in her latest body of work - Citadel - an introspective 12-track LP that speaks of her roots, spirituality, life in New York and much more.

Drawing on her diverse choice of topics and statements, Felukah's Citadel sounds like a vessel that carries her overflowing thoughts, delivering them in multiple forms, be it spoken word, rap, song or field recordings. Colorful interpretations of her ideas and thoughts are presented in the sleekest of flows on smooth neo-soul and East Coast hip hop beats where her vocal delivery, be it rap or spoken word, interchanges ever so effortlessly between English and Arabic.

A definite album highlight is 'Ask The Birds in Cairo', a multifaceted track that features themes of divinity, abstract passages of poetry, and a home-sick Felukah who increasingly falls in love with Cairo and its language. Delivering sick verses in the said track, Felukah repeatedly asks us to unlearn the propaganda, proclaiming that she needs no social media clout to elevate her status.

In 'Moonlit Window (Interlude)', Felukah takes in the moon as her grounding element for the thematic track as she raps over lullaby keys. In this song she watches her soul collide and split into two between New York and Cairo - "Neither here or there nor anywhere" she raps in a Lauryn Hill-like delivery as she quietly unfurls into bedroom politics while metaphorically referencing the moon. In Tracks like 'Moonlit Window'Felukah can be seen not only as a rapper, but a word-smith with the ability to paint vivid interlacing imagery with words.

Another highlight from Citadel is 'ECC' where the young artist further shares, explores and externalizes her thoughts over smooth guitar driven hip-hop beats in nonchalance. "Birth, concrete, collision, what becomes of this disposition, wish I could unsee destiny, I was born with a vision." - a spiritually informed Felukah raps as she further explores the themes of auras, divinities and the higher realms whilst grounding them to evocatively drawn realities, realities she continues to narrate in the extension of herself that is Citadel.
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