RA2SMAL Music Label, an icon of the Egyptian rap scene, has just released five new EPs in a single month, showcasing their creativity and dedication to the industry.. With their latest releases, they've taken things to a whole new level, delivering a diverse range of sounds and styles that are sure to amaze the rap scene followers Over the month of May Ra2smal has turned itself from silence to noise, showering us with new releases During this hyper-productive month, we’ve seen releases from Marwan Moussa, Afroto, El Dab3 Yonyo, and Karim Enzo Which were all a hard-hitting vibe.

With such a deep body of work and the amount of varying artists, it’s kind of a daunting task to rank them all, however we’re going to try, this is SceneNoise’s guide to the highlight of Ra2smal’s month of May.

1- Yonyo - Griezman

2- Marwan Moussa - Afreqya W Amrika

3- Eldab3 X Wezza Montaser - Ma3rafnish 

4- Yonyo - 2000 W Kam

5- Karim Enzo - Pique 

6- Afroto - Debla Ft. Ziad Zaza

7- Eldab3 - Saye2 El Souq
8- Marwan Moussa Ft. Aftroto - Afroto Type Beat 

9- Afroto - Las3een 

10- Yonyo Ft. Marwan Moussa - Tarabatatoo