Offering the internet a taste of her own defiant world, Dubai-based and Lebanese-born songstress Roxane is taking on a provocative stance for her first single, which is now available across all major DSP platforms.

Shameless yet daring, ‘Unfuckwithable’ is more than just your average track. Inspired to bother and disturb, the three-minute song strings a set of determined statements which, on the one hand, provides insight into the artist's thoughts and mind while sparking a much-needed conversation around Arab women’s identities, their emancipation from gender roles, as well as the expectations of femininity on the other.“I want whoever hears this song to remember that they are a force to be reckoned with. To be completely released from any limitations or insecurities that hold them back. To reframe their narrative and own that shit,” the singer-songwriter told SceneNoise. “No one gets to decide who you are or what you’re about. That’s a privilege only you are entitled to.”

Unmuting her voice from the heavy shackles of patriarchy, the anthem finds Roxane taking ownership of the antagonistic status assigned to most women that dare to be outspoken, independent and true to themselves. Celebrating what most would want to shy away from, the act of being assertive, bossy and confident is put at the forefront of the track's ethos.

“For as far as I can remember, I’ve always been told that I was too much, or not enough. I’ve been asked repeatedly to dilute myself to be more socially acceptable and it shot my self worth to the ground,” Roxane added.

“The reason why ‘Unfuckwithable’ is so important to me is because I didn’t want to build up to this message. I wanted to establish my narrative, and this song is my origin story,” she goes on to say. “The goal was for people to know who I am right off the bat, from the first bar of the song. Arab women don’t always have the platform to express themselves as freely as I do, and I don’t take that for granted. I will always use that privilege to empower others, because existing as a woman in this world is a political act in itself and If I’m not here to stir shit up, then what am I here for?”

The track's bumpy beat weaves in Roxane’s soothing vocals, which are put in stark contrast with her brash and bold lyrics. The song blends power and talent to introduce us into her seductive mindset, which we’re hyped to see more of in her upcoming video clip and EP.