A new sound emerges from the heart of Cairo and his name is Tul8te. After a slow introduction in 2022 where he had released four singles, the masked rapper released last weekend a five track EP called ‘Maghool’ and he did not hold back.

Throughout the tracklist we can hear a fusion of different genres and subgenres ranging from jersey and reggae to noticeable tastes of jazz, funk and afro-beat. We can notice how much time and thought was put into each track. In a change of pace from what was prominent in the rap scene since its rise and takeover of the Arab music world. Tul8te revolved his production around instruments, such as electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar and keys, making them the main players of his sounds, instead of the usual DAW type-beats rappers normally spring out.

Not to mention that the whole EP is produced, mixed and mastered solely by Tul8te himself, emphasising how versatile and versed of an artist he is.

The topics of the songs revolve around heartbreak, loss, daydreaming, overthinking, anonymity and rising above hate. The constant contrast and struggle between nostalgia and moving forward, between longing and moving on.

Another ingredient in the EP which attracted our attention even more was the contrast between the melancholic lyrics and the upbeat and move-inducing music, which will have you crying your eyes out whilst doing the samba, we know we did.

But the true key holder of the songs, and we can’t stress that enough - is the bass. In each song Tul8te introduces a different bass line which ultimately sets the mood and pushes each song in a direction fairly different from the other, yet maintains coherence throughout the album, giving the EP the refreshing taste.

The cherry on top, the EP contains two collaborations with known scene pioneers. The first one is with Lege-cy. (Yes, that Lege-cy, he’s back guys.) It’s noteworthy to mention that after the release of their collab called ‘Anonymous’ Lege-cy took to instagram to announce that his new album ‘Placebo’ is coming out soon. The second collab called ‘Ice Cold’ is with head-splitting rebel Hady Moamer, delivering strong on-the offensive lyrics and a put yourself first consciousness.

Proving that he is a versed lyricist and skillful producer whilst delivering a whole new sound to the scene, in addition to getting the stamp of approval from rap moguls like Lege-cy & Hady Moamer, it is apparent that Tul8te is a rising force to be reckoned with.

Listen to the EP here: