UK-based Iranian Grime MC Tardast embarks on a journey of self-discovery and resilience with his latest album ‘L2Я’.

Titled ‘Leave to Remain’, the 13-track album encapsulated Tardast’s struggle as a refugee in the UK, in a musical expression that seamlessly blends gritty elements of grime and drill with classic Persian instruments such as the rud, tompak, and sorna - a heartfelt homage to his birthplace Jeyhoon.

Hailing from southern Tehran, the Liverpool-based artist has been spearheading a new wave of Farsi Grime, a term he coined in 2016 in his collaborative EP TikeTik. Looking to preserve his identity against the forces of erasure, Tardast has been using dynamic beats to weave the rich tapestry of his Persian cultural heritage with contemporary electronic production techniques in harmonious synergy.

‘Leave to Remain’ sees the multifaceted artist spitting bars in his native Farsi, and delving deep into his growth experience as an artist in the diaspora. Featuring a voice note from British artist Peykane, the first track, ‘Intro’, addresses the worries of emerging Iranian artists in the UK whose dreams were hindered by economic challenges, unveiling life lessons accumulated over nine years in the diaspora. The second track, ‘Came From Nothing’, highlights the artist’s turmoils and feelings of isolation as an immigrant in the UK with an undulating cadence that beautifully complements his emotive lyrics.

Throughout the album, Tadrast meditates on his personal struggles, triumphs and healing journey, with each track serving as a reflection of his resilience against societal constraints. In ‘Dele Beshkaste (Outro)’, Tardast revisits his roots, culminating the album with a tribute to classic Persian poetry against a backdrop of sombre synthesis.