Egyptian singer and songwriter, Djudju has recently unveiled her debut bedroom pop album, ‘1221’ via B62 Records. 

Born in Alexandria, Djudju is an Egyptian artist who crafts indie tracks with a staple emotive blend of delicately sung melodies, often set against melancholic electronic arrangements. 

‘1221’ holds significant personal meaning for Djudju, created within the private confines of her home studio, enabling her to authentically convey the emotions and essence of each track. Djudju draws inspiration from notable artists such as James Blake, Awfultune, Tora, and Bearcubs.

‘1221’ chronicles Djudju's journey from ages 12 to 21, exploring themes of heartbreak, solitude, and self-discovery. Beginning with experiences of societal misunderstanding and bullying, the album navigates listeners through a personal narrative, culminating in a newfound sense of identity and happiness.

Reflecting on the pivotal stages of her musical development, Djudju has reimagined her earlier hit singles, incorporating the musical maturity she has since acquired. Djudju's album invites listeners into an intimate soundscape, reminiscent of the warmth and familiarity of bedroom recordings. Yet, as her prowess has matured, so too has her sound evolved, transcending simplistic origins to embrace a rich mix of musical interplay. Tracks like ‘Stamba’ epitomize this growth, journeying from cozy, personal realms into the expansive territories of cross-genre fusion. On the equipment front, Djudju's acquisition of a more expansive MIDI keyboard marks a pivotal turn in her creative journey.

The hardware upgrade has catalyzed a foray into previously uncharted musical domains, with synthesizers and entrancing soundscapes coming to the fore in pieces such as ‘3addi w Seeb’. Her craftsmanship in weaving together eclectic elements with potent post-electronic rhythms is exemplified in ‘I7na Fein’, reaching a crescendo of dramatic flair in the track ‘1221’.