Cairo-based multi-disciplinary artist Electroneya has recently unveiled a new experimental left-field club project ‘Beroud’ Abrasive and somewhat obscure, ‘Beroud’, released under Egyptian record label Special Project, is made up of three tracks packed with static textures, deconstructed club, noise and bass, with glitches ricocheting left and right.

Drawing inspiration from noise music, ‘Beroud’ sees Electroneya toying with the peripheries of what music is, and exploring a new realm of her sound as she layers up distorted and atonal frequencies of noise with bass-heavy percussive rhythms.  While the project may lack a traditional musical context, its warbled tonality and the unwelcoming nature of the experimental and industrial sounds present through the tracks make it an expressive and creative form of performance art in a way. 

“The project serves as a mirror reflecting my personality. I usually appear like a super cold person. However, underneath this facade, there is a whirlwind of emotions going on,” Electroneya tells SceneNoise. “So I tried to capture that through music.” In the opening track ‘Uthiri’, Electroneya skillfully weaves the rippling sound of water with heavily distorted audio signals and noisy textures, akin to that snowy fuzz you hear when you tune into a disconnected old radio but with an extreme amplitude. 

Meanwhile, ‘Uhh’ is a glitch-hop, featuring sharp twists and turns with blaring metallic noise and certain pulsating kicks that resemble a doubled sound effect from an 808 drum pad.  On the outro track ‘Shafia Nafi’, Electroneya incorporates auto tuned vocals with hard-hitting ecstatic bass lines that linger in your head long after you hear it.