Hailing from Upper Egypt and navigating his way through the bustling rap scene in Cairo, Arsenik has consistently demonstrated his presence as an exciting figure among his peers due to his lyrical finesse and intricate writing style, even if it may be an acquired taste for some. Through a series of single releases and a debut album, Arsenik now takes charge of the music production process in his latest full-length album, 'Code,' showcasing his artistic evolution.

The rapper dropped the eight-track LP with collaborations with Ahmad Santa, Abo El Anwar and 3enba. The first track, ‘Lang’, begins with an iconic line from Waheed Seif in the movie ‘El Motasawel’ - “انا لما بغيب مبغيبش أونطة، بغيب عشان أفنن” - announcing his comeback in style. The beat produced by Arsenik maintains an intriguing bassline throughout, with boom bap percussion and Egyptian tabla snippets, as Arsenik’s flows take over with punchline after punchline.

Moving to ‘Ya Zmx ‘ he introduces us to a traditional trap beat filled with horn sections that play along his flow switches, while he and Zmx flex their lyrical prowess against each other, with an infectious chorus in the middle.

‘Adios’, in collaboration with Ahmad Santa, serves as a standout moment on the album. The duo's lighthearted flows and clever lyrics shine brightly against a smooth and feel-good beat. Known as two of the top lyricists in the game, they flex their finesse on the track, effortlessly throwing football references and punchlines. Their seamless delivery contributes two of the most impressive verses on the entire record.

Arsenik then joins forces with 3enba and Slyver for 'Egyptiano El Moled'. Arsenik throws himself in 3enba's realm, infusing a pure shaaby vibe into the track. While both Slyver and Arsenik strive to match 3enba's energy, it's 3enba's distinctive vocals and braggadocious delivery that ultimately command the spotlight on the track.

The album comes to a close with the title track 'Code', in which Arsenik collaborates with Double Zuksh and Abo El Anwar. Demonstrating his proficiency in crafting a trap beat, Arsenik starts the track with a thoughtful verse, delving into his personal background and recounting the challenges of making a mark in the music scene. Double Zuksh follows with a catchy refrain, adding a memorable touch to the track. Abo El Anwar then contributes with his own compelling verse, seamlessly matching the energy established by Arsenik.