London-based Egyptian singer-songwriter and musician Aley Baracat has recently released his debut Arabic EP ‘Arrab Aktar’, an introspective piece seamlessly combining emotive ballads with elements from indie-pop and reggaeton. 

Skillfully stitching together a cohesive narrative from the fabric of his personal life, the seven-track EP sees Aley navigating the complexities of past traumas, and reconnecting with himself. Each song serves as a chapter in his journey of healing and self-discovery. “Writing the EP in Arabic came so naturally to me,” Aley Baracat tells SceneNoise. “It allowed me to authentically express what I feel.” For Aley, writing songs is a form of mediation; a cathartic process through which he remediates himself from traumatic experiences and pain. The pensive lyricism present throughout the entirety of the EP, particularly evident in tracks like ‘Lw Basseit’, ‘Gereit’ and ‘Basra7 Fel Leil’, perfectly showcases his ability of storytelling.  

Drawing inspiration from contemporary Eastern and Western music like Mike Massy’s ‘Ya Zamman’ and Rosalia’s ‘El Mal Querer’, Aley accentuates the heartfelt lyrics of his songs with soulful synths, intricate guitar arrangements and low-tempo piano undertones. 

The EP culminates with the title track, ‘Arrab Aktar’, a soft reassuring ballad where Aley reaches a denouement in his story that, regardless of the hardships one faces in life, everything will work out just fine. “It is a personal reminder to keep trying and never give up,” Baracat shares. “I wrote it from the perspective of the universe, where it is talking to the protagonist in my narrative assuring them that everything they desire will become a reality if they just keep trying.”