The SceneNoise team has collaborated with XP Music Futures to bring you our ‘Releases of the Month’ playlist, where we highlight standout music releases from across the MENA region.

This edition features releases by some of the region’s most prominent musicians, including Adonis, Bedouin Burger and Gharam Electric. Zeid Hamdan and Lynn Adib of Bedouin Burger return with a full-length LP, delving deeper into their vibrant fusion of classic Arab maqam, Levantine folk rhythms, and pulsating electronic beats. We selected a subdued track from the album, ‘Esha’, featuring Nasser Bu Touffar, which stood out in the album's tracklist. Next, we feature the collective Nomad Ben Stones with their track ‘Plein Temps Arabe’, a powerful post-rock piece with meticulously structured epic arrangements. This track is accompanied by a spoken word monologue of Mahmoud Darwish’s Arabic poem, "Lonely, I defend the air that’s not mine," evoking emotions and shedding light on current injustices.

Also on the playlist is ‘Kaza Haga’ by up-and-coming Egyptian rapper Slyver PV, who has been on an unstoppable streak, constantly releasing new music that showcases his range between pure trap and shaabi vibes. The track features a mellow trap beat that serves as the backdrop for Slyver’s contemplative lyrics, delivered with a nonchalant attitude and charismatic flow.