Across the many eras witnessed in Abyusif's career, he has consistently maintained an authentic and enigmatic persona, cultivating a sense of mystery around himself. While he presents himself unapologetically in interviews, lyrics, and even on Instagram, he does not shy away from revealing his true self. The complexities of Abyusif's mind defy easy understanding or interpretation. Throughout his massive catalogue, Abyusif has explored a multitude of musical genres, transitioning from his initial collaboration exclusively with ZULI in the early stages of his rap career to assuming complete control of the production process. More recently, he has shifted towards collaborating with emerging producers, most notably Lil Baba and Ismail Nosrat.

In his latest full-length album, 'Nemshy Men Hena' (Leave Here Now), the enigmatic rapper showcases a departure from conventional musical limitations and 'rap' boundaries, delving into a diverse array of sound selections and genres. Taking a cue from his 'El-Dolab' days, where he recorded in his wardrobe with no features and no production credits but himself, Abyusif reclaims full ownership of the creative process behind this album. He freely expresses himself on a variety of sonics, ranging from acoustics to trap, boom bap, and even venturing into vaporwave aesthetics. We get a descent into his existential abysses to moments where he rips the beat with unhinged abandon. 'Nemshy Men Hena' not only represents Abyusif's evolution as an artist but also serves as a nostalgic nod to the hands-on, DIY approach reminiscent of his earlier days in the scene.

The album commences with an acoustic guitar introduction in 'Ya Reem Estani', featuring Abyusif's deep-toned voice accompanied by the gentle chords of the guitar, creating a haunting atmosphere. This tranquillity is momentarily disrupted by an abrupt beat switch, marking the onset of Abyu's distinctive comeback announcement, "Baba geh ya welad el kalb." He proceeds to throw his bars over powerful bass drums and glitchy sonic cuts, intensifying his performance and setting the stage for the experimental tracks that lie ahead.

Abyusif expresses himself unapologetically throughout the tracklist, with intense vibe switches in its sequencing. In certain tracks, he delves into the depths of his inner struggle and raw emotions, offering a heartfelt delivery. This emotional depth is juxtaposed by instances where he exhibits a braggadocious attitude, showcasing his lyrical finesse and dynamic flows, toying with expressions and syllables that result in complex rhymes and double, treble entendres. ‘Nadia El Gendy’ serves as testament of his technical prowess, the beat features a raw and distorted production that ventures completely off the conventional path. Abyusif's growling vocals ride over weighty sonic elements, creating an overwhelmingly thrilling soundscape. This effect is further intensified by the overlapping and surrounding sound bits.

We move to 'BABY' that kicks off with Abyusif's muffled vocals, introducing us to a robust industrial rap beat. His fast-paced delivery effortlessly rides the beat, highlighting his technical abilities as he confidently brags about his position and influence in the scene with lines like, "You're the zero, I'm the one, I'm the all, you're the none." The intensity is interrupted by low-pitched singing snippets before undergoing a complete beat switch, transitioning into boom bap percussion. Abyusif adopts a laid-back flow, delivering quirky bars and throwing shade at the scene with finesse mixed with clever pop culture metaphors.

We’re then introduced to ‘MICROWAVE’ which begins with a sample from what seems to be an interview, interrupted by Abyusif’s use of an enchanting vocal sample over an old-school rap beat and mellow percussions. His complex rhyme schemes and distinct delivery takes the centre stage of the track. He continues to showcase this finesse on 'BEGAD FREESTYLE', where he not only throws shade at his local peers but also takes shots at mega hip-hop stars like Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar. With a completely careless and offensive attitude, complemented by clever bars and meticulously crafted verses. The production on the track features a simple beat enriched with a looped sample that accentuates his flow switches and accelerated delivery.

‘Mafish E7sas’ serves as a transitional radio play taking us to a trip into Abyu’s emotional side; his multiplied vocals on the chorus displays the melancholic vibe as he reintroduces the low-pitched vocals in certain bars in a repeated theme on the record. ‘Tgely Blel’ immerses us deeper into this melancholic wave, departing completely from ‘hip-hop’. The beat is somewhat of a slowed-down version of a clubbing track, as he vulnerably reflects on memories of previous relationships, the dreamy sonic aesthetics further amplify the eerie ambiance of the track.

In '3ayza Menny Eh', Abyusif's voice drowns within the dense synth elements, his emotionally charged performance articulating an urge for detachment from relationships and an air of carelessness. The vaporwave-inspired beat complements his sentiment while establishing the overarching tone for the entire album, marking yet another musical territory ventured into by Abyusif.

The album concludes with the title track ‘NEMSHY MEN HENA’, which encapsulates the album’s narrative, excessively repeating the refrain and portraying a state of escapism from everything. His troubled inner thoughts are clear through his bars, enhanced by the production elements and noisy sonic selections. Abyusif takes the production reins on 90% of the tracks, dissolving his influences into a tapestry of beats that echo the adventurous spirit of 'Y.F.G.Y.Y.,' his most experimental work to date. He sheds expectations, embracing raw honesty and reaching a creative peak reminiscent of his early days.