Taken from their 2019 self-titled EP, Harmonix is a slow-burning rock tune that gradually builds in speed and energy throughout its duration with plenty of room for the band to display their extensive instrumental and vocal chops, and over the course of the video, the sweeping camera work in the clip highlights each band member individually.

Clearly taking inspiration from Pink Floyd’s Live At Pompeii video-concert, Sublunary’s ‘Harmonix’ sets its music video in an empty Roman Theatre, with only cold stone steps and a piercing blue sky for company. 

Though the video has been almost a year in post-production, the eerily empty roman theatre becomes a powerful statement in the age of covid-19, where live events have been declared virtually extinct for the foreseeable future, with concert halls and venues remaining vacant. 

“As an independent band we make an effort to invest every fibre of our being in all that we do. This project would come to be the first visual representation of our band and so we’ve put our blood sweat and tears into this production, truly."  The band said in a statement on Facebook, "we say it countless times but we are truly only as great as your support, and it means everything to us. Like, share, subscribe and all that, it takes a moment of your time but it moves mountains for us.”

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