As the music and clubbing industries continue to navigate the effects of the pandemic, Boiler Room continues to do its part with its ‘System Restart Festival’. The series, which kicked-off in Chengdu, China back in November, 2020 as a joint effort with Absolut Vodka, Ballantine's, Beefeater Gin and Jameson Whiskey in the hopes of revitalising club culture during the pandemic and rebuilding local scenes across the world.

As part of the digital festival, Palestine’s Radio Alhara is showcasing a number of artists from across the region on Friday February 26th between 3PM and midnight EET. Some of the highlights of the line-up include Lebanon’s film composer and producer extraordinaire, Joe Nami, who’ll showcase his new experimental sounds along his rhythmic tabla; Palestine’s experimental jazz musician, Dirar Kalash (pictured in main image), alongside Oussamaabuali; classical musician and unorthodox DJ, Aia Atoui; and last but not least, Jordan’s Bashar ‘Lil Asaf’ Suleiman and MAAL will serve up a couple of DJ sets.

The series is tied into Boiler Room’s launch of Collective TV, which aims to provide a platform for collectives across the world to present audiovisual shows, talks, interviews, mixes and music videos. The launch coincided with 20 collectives receiving financial support at the beginning of the pandemic.

Ultimately, the collective goal Collective TV and System Restart Festival is to provide artists, venues, and collectives a platform to showcase their music and aid with their funds in an attempt to restore their respective local scenes with a global broadcasting program.

The stream will also include showcases by Asburd Trax, Bubblegum Club and Cxema. It all kicks off at 3PM EET. Click here for more information.