When it comes to entering the music industry in Egypt, there is no set path, no ‘list of things to do’. For the most part, making a career out of music is an obscure, uncertain journey that often doesn’t turn out as one expects. 

Founded by longtime industry professional and music manager, Basem Abu Arab, Music Business EG aims to provide an easily digestible introduction to the music industry for newbies taking their very first steps into a thorny world, doing so through ten videos that slowly take viewers through the ins and outs of the music industry, as well as the range of roles one can play within it.

Abourab breaks down the bare basics, much needed know-how and insider tips without making users have to sign-up and pay for a course, instead acting as a reference point for them to refer back to at any time they want. 

A major part of Music Business EG is dispelling misconceptions about the music industry. Abourab’s ultimate aim is to change the typical newbie mindset and to dispel unreasonable expectations. While not everyone might get to make it as the big superstar performer, there are still ways of working within, making a living from and actually enjoy being a part of the music industry - yes, all three at once.

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