It’s a fact that most art in any of its many forms is rather expensive. Expensive to create, expensive to own and in some cases - when rare fine art is the concern - expensive to protect and secure.

The same can be said about music events. An art form in its own right, putting together a gig is much harder than it seems. The guys at Liquify All Assets know that, and take into consideration every minute facet going into their production - check out our live stream of their last party.

Starting off in November 2017, LAA was off to a stellar start. They dug into their fair share of mind boggling dilemmas, solved them, and pulled off a superb first edition. In the driver's seat of their second event receiving support from Beirut’s A Tribe Called TRIBE - one of Lebanon’s leading creative collectives - they have been able to garner support from several brands.

Downtown Cairo’s Al Ismaelia Group, being their arts and culture partner, is providing them with a spectacular location, and Greek eatery Seecoz will be on ground handling emergency hunger pangs. Ayo, Bazic and DOU being present to provide you with proper threading - and footwear also in the case of DOU.

A sick location, another killer lineup, super intimate space and kickass audio/video installations. With four talented DJs on the bill, visual Jedi Mahmoud Shiha is joining forces with Desperados to install an interactive dance floor - your dancing will be programming the visuals.

For more info visit LAA’s social pages on Facebook and Instagram, A Tribe Called TRIBE on Facebook, and Downtown Cairo on Instagram.