German rock outfit The Whiskey Foundation was founded in München in 2011 when members Murat Kaydirma, Julian Frohwein, Pascal Fischer, Franz Klein and Janis Gursky joined forces. Since then the band has been known for their signature sound that marries rock, blues and boogie-woogie with minimal undertones of psychedelia. Two years after forming their highly praised debut album Take The Walk released and the shows that followed it across Germany led them to gaining even wider acclaim. 2015 saw The Whiskey Foundation take their career to new heights, with many of the songs off of their sophomore album Mood Machine receiving substantial air-time on the radio.

Their success at that point wasn’t just based on their studio output, but their stage persona had also preceded them, catapulting them across Europe and giving them the opportunity to open for the some of the most revered names in rock history, such as AC/DC and Deep Purple. Now three albums, seven years and hundreds of performances into their career, The Whiskey Foundation are performing beyond European borders and are finally bringing their 60’s inspired sound to CJC. 

In continuation of Cairo Jazz Club’s never-ending quest to bring international live acts to Egypt, they have invited The Whiskey Foundation for back to back performances, March 14th at CJC 610 and the 15th at CJC Agouza, supported by the newly founded local band - Cap’n Hector’s Crew. 

For more info on the CJC Agouza show, here.

For more info on the CJC 610 show, here.  

Learn more about The Whiskey Foundation on their website and follow them on Facebook.