Easily keeping its spot as one of the leading production schools in the region, Epic 101 studios does not fail to come up with fresh ideas to spread musical knowledge. Their booth at this year’s Sandbox was attractive, as they gave the chance to curious gearsluts to fiddle and tweak some knobs. The results were sometimes catastrophic because of the inability of some people to make a judgment on what’s musical and what’s not - listening to three people who know nothing about music and equipment might not be a very good idea after all. That aside, the feedback was strong because they succeeded in spreading awareness and giving a sense of what musicians do to people who might not really know what happens in a studio.

Epic 101 are throwing two workshops on May 10th and 11th that will benefit music production beginners as much as the more experienced musicians. On May 10th, the workshop will be about an advanced topic that will require a certain amount of experience by the attendees: Advanced Audio Manipulation with Brian Smith. Smith started his musical career playing trumpet, but it was not long before he started looking into the electronic world. What gives him the edge to conduct this workshop is his love for modular synthesizers since the ‘80s, his sound design, sampling experience and his 30 years of teaching and giving lectures. Not to mention that he’s an Ableton certified trainer.

May 11th’s workshop will be more of a lightweight lecture by Smith on Ableton 10’s new features, which encompasses the use of Ableton’s new audio plug-ins and virtual instruments. Joining him will be Egyptian vocalist and composer Dina El Wedidi. Aside from being one of the staples of Egyptian underground music, Dina has spent the last couple of years working on her new album using Ableton Live’s solid sampling capabilities. This is why she’ll be giving the other half of the workshop, talking about her production workflow and sampling techniques.

These workshops have something to offer for each and everyone of you audiophiles, from broadening up your spectrum when it comes to comprehending Live’s plugins, to completely changing your workflow and production techniques. Whether you’re a house, hiphop, leftfield or rock producer, this workshop will give you a new edge on your music.

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