With Egypt’s rap scene finally starting to materialize as a proper industry over the past few years complete with its own headliners, agent, bookers, promoters and legions of fans - very few artists or collectives have ventured into merchandising. Along comes Alexandrian rapper and the self-proclaimed professor “trap shit” who dropped his first limited edition t-shirt capsule collection themed around his Geziret ElBatal EP which takes place on a fictional island where his alter-ego thrives.

The capsule features two t-shirts and a signed poster - all of which flaunt comic book-like illustrations of Wegz on both the flyer and a t-shirt by Kareem Soltan, as well as Wegz’s new brandname logo on the second t-shirt. This project is also in collaboration with Ahmed Tarek aka Tarek JPEG who took the preliminary shots which Soltan’s illustrations were based off of as well as Ahmed Tohamy who created the final photography with the merchandise.

Head to wegz.store to get your own piece.