Egypt easily harbors an avid and ever-shifting electronic music consuming community, complete with its own arsenal of thriving and highly talented young producers. Hazem Beltagui is no exception when it comes to local producers that have managed to make a name for themselves both within the local electronic music family and abroad. Signed to FSOE and its sister label FSOE UV - the label of Egyptian trance deity Aly & Fila, he has also issued tracks on nearly every major trance label and played numerous gigs around the globe in venues Colosseum Jakarta and Ushuaia Ibiza. Three years in the making,Beltagui’s debut artist album - VIVID - is finally here and it will be out on Future Sound of Egypt. Based on the emotions experienced in daily live, VIVID is a deep and progressive house saga.  

CJC 610 is embracing the electronic music obsession with a massive blowout on Thursday, April 19th to mark Beltagui's album launch. But that’s not everything - joining Hazem will be FSOE UV label boss and progressive heavyweight, Paul Thomas, who will be steering his set towards progressive house this time. 

The British DJ is renowned for his time as resident at Birmingham’s God’s Kitchen and their Global Gathering festivals. His productions landed him on an array of imprints ranging from EDM labels like Size, Doorn and Spinnin’ to trance imprints like Armada and Garuda. He’s also held dearly by the Egyptian audience ever since his appearance at the FSOE 500 celebrations by The Great Pyramids of Giza last September. 

Rounding off the lineup will be CJC regular and prominent local figure in the progressive circles, Ashmawy. He’s also part of FAM, a local progressive house trio that have entertained crowds with their sets, productions and podcasts over the past couple of years. So this is definitely a well thought out, high-caliber lineup. Paul will almost definitely wreak havoc on 610 and Beltagui will charm the crowds with his stimulating, melodic productions. Ashmawy will surely be adding fuel to this progressive deep house inferno. 

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