Boiler Room and Ballantine’s collaborate to establish a concept called “True Music”, which brings artists from different musical genres and backgrounds together to collaborate and achieve a hybrid sound through the exploration of the electronic and acoustic relationship.

Each year, they choose a different country and tap into the local talent. True Music: Hybrid Sounds Lebanon marks the third installment of the project, setting down in Beirut. Ensuing the first two series with Maya Jane Coles and Seth Troxler, this time they will be taking it to another level. The material created via the collaborations will manifest on the True Music EP.

On the 19th of April, Beirut will be privy to an exciting lineup of local and international artists. Dutch artist Dollkraut, along with legendary Lebanese producer Zeid Hamdan and Maii will be starting the night, followed by DJ sets from Lebanese DJ 3lias, Jad Taleb from Beirut, London duo Chaos in the CBD, with underground pop icon, Miss Kittin wrapping things up.

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