Building on the mandatory switch to online performances that musicians all over the region are embracing, Ramallah-based producer, musician and co-founder of BLTNM – Ramallah’s independent digital record label – will be streaming a ‘live party’ on Zoom tonight (Thursday April 9th) alongside producer and frequent collaborator, El Nedj. While Zoom seems to have been reserved – so far – for awkward video meetings accompanied by a seeming never-ending cycle of everyone saying “I can’t hear you – the connection is awful,” we’re glad to see it’s now also serving artistic purposes. 

The stream is set to last from 6PM (Ramallah time) until ‘????’ (their words, not ours) in true Thursday night fashion. No further details have been revealed yet in terms of the link to join the party, but Al Nather has stated on his Instagram that he’ll be sharing the link right before it starts, so stay tuned.

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