Six singing sisters born to a Belgian mother and Egyptian father, with a passion for music, Binti strike again with a new track and mesmerizing music video, “I Feel It Coming.” And no, it's nothing like The Weeknd and Daft Punk hit that we heard one too many times in 2016. Instead, we find a solemn art-rock track, that without fail will have you subconsciously moving to the beat. The sisters sway in slow motion on a black background, sequined dresses giving form to their bodies. They croon over twangy guitars and thrumming bass, carried by a slow, heavy drums. 
Known and admired for their eerie blend of many genres including rock, blues and reggae, Binti’s new song stands as a tease to their new EP Biology, scheduled for release this coming September. This being their first release in three years, “I Feel It Coming” exceeds all high and built expectations, and shows how they’ve taken this time specifically to develop and integrate new and eclectic sounds to create a distinctive, intrepid twist to their music. 

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