Known for his aggressive, hard-hitting bars and charismatic persona, Ziad Zaza takes a poignant turn as he delves into past relationships in his Valentine’s Day double single release. The rapper has recently been undergoing a notable stylistic shift, exhibiting vulnerability and embracing his inner emotions.

In his dual release for Valentine’s Day - namely ‘Nsena’ and ‘Bent El Eh’ - Zaza navigates through the labyrinth of previous romantic entanglements, reminiscing on memories and unfulfilled promises. ‘Nsena’ boasts a reggaeton-infused beat, characterised by minimalist production and string-dominated sonic aesthetics. Here, Zaza unveils a new vocal delivery, characterised by whisper-like tones that effortlessly complement the dreamy soundscape and sweet guitar chords.

Meanwhile, ‘Bent El Eh’, produced by Le Zuz and Khmstashr, distinguishes itself through its production prowess, heavily relying on a piano-sample from Farid Al-Atrash's timeless love anthem, ‘Alby We Moftaho’. Seamlessly woven into the beat, the classic sample is accompanied by laid-back kick drums, providing a serene backdrop for Zaza's lyrical ode to a cherished love.