Techno & Chill, a leading electronic music media platform based in Los Angeles, is holding its All Day Beach Festival in Dubai on February 24th.

After spanning a global itinerary, including stops in Luxor, Paris and London, T&C will land on the shores of Soul Beach Dubai at the JA Hotel Jebel Ali Palm with a rigorous lineup filled with deep-house, afro-house and electronic sounds.

The event will kick off at 2 PM with rising local talent Vittoria, followed by Lebanese and Emirati DJ duo Jixo & Danz, and a B2B set featuring afro-house specialist Somalie and melodic-house virtuoso Doomaz. Afro-house and electronic masher, Fiona Kraft, will then be followed by two electronic duos, German Super Flu and Italian Undercatt.

For more information on tickets, head to Platinumlist or @technoandchill on Instagram.