Sony Music Middle East teamed up with Egyptian state-owned company United Media Services (UMS) and WATCH IT to produce soundtracks for the Ramadan 2024 series.

As part of the partnership, a collection of nine soundtracks and a series of intro tracks for WATCH IT Ramadan shows have been released this month, featuring an ensemble of renowned Arab artists from different genres. 

The intro tracks include ‘Serr Elahy’ by Hamza Namira for Serr Elhahy, ‘Embratoryet Meem’ by Medhat Saleh for Embratoryet Meem, ‘Mekhabeylna Eh Ya Donia’ by Tarek El Sheikh & Masar Egbari for Masar Egbari, ‘Ibn Abouh’ by Ahmed Shebah for Haa’ Arab, and ‘Gowah El Gohour’ by Wael El Fashny for Beit El Refa’ae. Meanwhile, the series soundtracks featured ‘Etneen B Makam Malayeen’ by Essam Sasa for Masar Egbari, and ‘Robaa’yat El Ma’alem’ by Abdel Basset Hamouda for El Ma’alem.

Ramadan has steadily become Egypt’s biggest, and most lucrative TV season of the year, attracting a vast viewership both locally and regionally. Hence, the music element within the Ramadan series serves as a unique opportunity for artists to leverage the popularity of these shows to promote their music. By featuring their songs within the series or through accompanying music videos, artists can effectively position their work within the mass market, gaining exposure to a broad audience.