The Saudi Music Commission’s Oud House project seeks to teach musicians how to play traditional Arabic musical instruments, such as the project’s namesake, the oud, plus the duf, rebab, mizmar, and more. The Oud House also offers lessons in non-regional instruments such as the flute, cello, and violin, and organises concerts where students can exhibit their skills.

An initiative aiming to nurture homegrown talent, the Oud House curriculum will be populated with lessons from musical experts. Naseer Shamma will guide the project’s pedagogy and give lectures and workshops himself.

One of the region’s most iconic musical instruments, the oud dates back over 3,000 years and has become one of the most quintessential sounds in traditional Arabic music.

The establishment of Oud House is a bid by the Commission to promote knowledge of the instrument’s historical and cultural significance, spread awareness of and preserve Arab musical heritage, and to produce a global generation of professional players at the same time.

Registration is open until September 21st, 2023.