The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched its first accredited music diploma. Provided by the Music Home School of Art in Riyadh, the programme will have two paths - music education and music performance - and will allow graduates to become music teachers in schools or professional instrumentalists after completing the two-year diploma.

The Music Home School of Art in Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s first licensed music institute that operates under the Ministry of Culture. Its diploma is a continuation of numerous initiatives undertaken recently by the Saudi authorities which aim to provide music and art education to the youth.

In 2020, Saudi authorities developed a plan for incorporating music education into primary schools’ curriculum, and since then the Kingdom has opened four new music institutes, including the Bait Al-Oud Arabic Music Institute, the International Music Training Centre and the Music House Institute for Training. The new music diploma is in line with Saudi’s future aspirations to spread the music culture, and will be a leap in the field of music education.