Saudi Arabia’s MDLBEAST Records is putting the kingdom on the hap at an accelerating rate, with constant events, conferences, and releases alongside their frequent endeavors into new projects. The latest of these sees them venturing into the world of hiphop following multiple EDM campaigns with Saudi rapper, comedian, and actor Moayad, who released his debut single ‘Theeb’ ahead of his freshman album release.

This album is a result of a recent partnership between MDLBEAST Records with Badiya Studio, run by Saudi Arabian creatives Chndy and Abu Hamdan.

Moayad’s debut album is a proud representation of his Saudi heritage after finding inspiration in hip-hop, taking a closer look at the role poetry played in his artistic career. The 35-year old artist was immersed in various cultures while growing up, opening his eyes to the similarities of hip-hop and traditional Arabic poetry.

“It’s been a long time coming but finally launching this album feels like a big moment,” Moayad tells SceneNoise. “With the album, I wanted to bring these two musical passions of mine together to create something powerful and beautiful. I have always been captivated by wordplay, the huge vocabulary of the Arabic language and have been involved with poetry since my younger years. I see this album as the first culmination of these passions I’ve had my entire life.For a long time, I’ve felt this need to celebrate the poetic heritage of this part of the world. To do so now, and through hip-hop, I see as a perfect synergy.”

The first single off the album, ‘Theeb’ - which translates to ‘Wolf’ - sees him perfectly merge these two cultures he spoke of. Utilizing the usual hip-hop drum programming over Khaleeji rhythms using cymbals, Moayad and Saudi producer Ntitled brilliantly bring this authentic hip-hop Saudi sound to life.