On March 8th, in celebration of International Women’s Day, entertainment company Black Howl and nightclub Recess Beirut are joining forces to host a vibrant showcase, spotlighting the talents of female Arab artists. Dubbed "Al Ounss - الأنس," a term embodying feminine energy and joy, the event features a fusion of music and visual arts.

The lineup spotlights an array of rising stars across Lebanon and Egypt, delivering a diverse spectrum of sounds, from the dreamy RnB-Pop stylings of Sarah Mansour to the soulful melodies of Talia Lahoud. Accompanying these performances, Roxane’s bold blend of pop and Afro genres will add an edge to the evening, while Egyptian singer Donia Wael is set to captivate her audiences with her relatable and thought-provoking lyrics.

In addition to the musical offerings, guests can immerse themselves in a visual arts exhibit curated by Lebanese art curator Tarah Rahmeh, showcasing the work of talented female artists.

Tickets can be purchased via https://tickit.co/events/PiTG9zOoAKOyr8qnz4sp