Following the release of his latest album, ‘Yemken’, Egyptian producer and sound designer Ramez Naguib gears up to launch the album with a live performance at the iconic Cairo Jazz Club on June 12th. Accompanied by artists who were featured on the record- including Arsenik, Laila Beshara, Nubi, and Mahdy Madness, the lineup will be further amplified by guest appearances from pioneering Egyptian rapper Kordy and up-and-coming Egyptian band Sine.

Ramez Naguib’s ‘Yemken’ was released earlier in May, and the album showcased Naguib's role as more than just a music producer. Acting as a curator and sound architect, Naguib demonstrated his talent beyond beat creation. While his previous releases, as well as his work in film and advertising had hinted at this potential, ‘Yemken’ serves as a more fully formed creative vision, in which the producer works alongside some of the region’s best and brightest.