Everyone's favourite Palestinian-Serbian-Algerian-French artist, Saint Levant has just dropped a raw mash-up of ‘Tell Me I’m Dreaming’ and ‘From Gaza, With Love’, for COLORS in association with Adidas Originals. 

Taking time out before his world tour, Saint Levant provides a captivating performance, seamlessly floating through languages and lyrics. With his now signature, sax solo that smooths out the transition between the two songs, accompanied by fellow musicians Moez, Buddy and Mehdi.

COLORS bring to the table immaculate production value, in sonics and visuals. Visually, Saint Levant is adorned in a striking fuchsia suit that really highlights his brass sax, and sonically, the mix is a true joy to behold, from the warmth of the first song, the smooth transition, and the ruckus of the tablas of the second. Saint Levant’s performance is flamboyant and his presence is unforgettable.

The transition between the breezy and slick ‘Tell Me I’m Dreaming’ and the wholeheartedly oriental ‘From Gaza, With Love’ is stunning. And we think it was high time a platform like Adidas Originals gave space for a Palestinian artist to perform a piece like ‘From Gaza, With Love’. A move of solidarity that will hopefully bring more similar initiatives in its tail. Better late than never.

Watch the full video below: