Cover Image by Tia Payne

Following the release of his raucous syncopated Arabic Garage ‘7aggo Masaree’ with NoiseRecords earlier this year, Palestinian-Jordanian producer Big Murk just dropped an unreleased emotive dance track ‘bbbbeeeetttt’ from his music vault.

“I’m realising that it sucks to have all these beats that never made it out the laptop,” Big Murk tells SceneNoise about his decision to finally release the track. Initially created in 2022, ‘bbbbeeeetttt’ - or ‘bet’ for short - contrasts the Riddim‘s bouncy rhythms with a sombre and deep melody stretching throughout the two-minute track. The song features repetitive minimalist sub-bass and triplet percussion arrangements, with subtle grime drumming patterns.

“I’ve been trying to incorporate grime drum patterns and elements into dance music. Grime is my favourite genre,” Big Murk shares. “For grime to resurface the way it was popping a decade ago, people need to understand that grime is, in fact, dance music at its core, regardless of whether it makes you dance or just bob your head and screw up your face.”

Drawing inspiration from UK grime and hip-hop subgenres, Big Murk’s musical style is centred around unconventionally programmed drum patterns, rapid, gritty and jagged as it can be. Along with producing music, the Bristol-based artist has become an active DJ, creating sets that are an amalgamation of grime, techno, jungle, UKG and electro, quite often featuring hard-hitting chops, breaks and left-field bass.