Egyptian rap icon Marwan Moussa has been doing the most in recent times, making World Cup songs, appearing in music ads with other music legends from the region, and, now, appearing on talk shows. His latest appearance sees him joining legendary actor and comedian Ashraf Abdel Baky on his light-hearted Ramadan talkshow ‘7aret Ashraf’.

In the show, Ashraf invites over actors, musicians, and other influential figures within the entertainment industry for casual fun talks with them alongside his crew of upcoming actors and comedians. The segments include playing games from the 70’s and 80’s, like the bomb-throwing in Moussa’s episode, as well as modern games like the “quarter monkey” they played. Ashraf also greets his guests with tea or coffee along with a nice chat, before going to the food section, where Ashraf has a different food outlet or chef offering something different every time.

Watch Moussa's episode with Ashraf below.