French-Algerian-American popstar Lolo Zouaï is no stranger to on-screen vulnerability. Having made her emotional debut with a self-released hit single titled ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ in 2017, Zouaï continues to blur the lines between captivating sensuality and introspective reflections.

A song born out of desperation, ‘Don’t Buy Me Flowers’ lyrically embodies the flurry of emotions that follow persistent periods of shallow affection. The initial music visualiser that accompanied the track served as the singer’s inner monologue, toying with static poses and moments of feigned interest to further cement the message at hand. Trapped in a translucent box, Zouaï signals at the commodifying nature of ‘buying flowers’, visually communicating the exchange of ownership - specifically regarding bodily autonomy - that at times follow material demonstrations of love and lust.

The music video however slightly alters the song’s tone of voice, portraying a free-spirited Zouaï frolicking in a field riddled with flowers. An overt act of resistance, the visual backing reinforces the singer’s lack of appetite for empty motifs. Happily satisfied in her own self-made meadow, the songstress longs for intimacy and emotional connection, singing “Please don't be like the others, no/They all do the same thing when they try to win my heart/It's funny they all think that they're so smart/What a waste, throw them away.” Film-like videography compliments the heartfelt nature of the song, alternating between highly-refined inserts and intimate slow zooms that attempt to spotlight Zouaï’s introspective journey.