Palestinian-American artist Lana Lubany has recently unveiled her latest single ‘STANNA’, which she previously teased during her latest tour.

Distributed under artist-friendly label and distributor AWAL, ‘STANNA’ features a dynamic fusion of rap-infused vocals and a smooth melodic delivery. Produced with close collaborator Ben Thomson, the track draws inspiration from the rhythmic production style of American record producer, Timbaland.

Reflecting on 'STANNA', Lubany expresses her delight in infusing a spirited and carefree vibe into both the song and its accompanying music video. She emphasizes the potency of rap and the cultural significance of the hand gesture 'Stanna', which carries the meaning of 'Wait' in Arabic or 'Just you wait' when delivered with sass. Lubany skillfully transitions between rap-infused tones and smooth vocals, narrating a tale of bold self-expression.

The accompanying music video displays Lana’s confident performance on an all-white backdrop, highlighting her vibrant gestures, choreography and bold facial expressions. Her eccentric street-style takes center stage in the video, propping up the suave and fearless persona she embodies.